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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tomorrow is my sister's birthday

She was born February 4 in 1998. I will buy you a present.. I think my sister like it. And i have a party in my home till midnight ..I think it's enjoyable .Moreover we have a big chocolate cake to surprise her..Tomorrow my sister will become a little princess.I can't wating yesyesyes

Friday, February 02, 2007

Concert at KMS

KMS Concert

Yeyes ! the concert of hotwave show pow.. was passed with a good memories. It was managed by hotwave radio 91.5. There were many bands playing a concert such as Freeplay , Oblivious, Dome Pragonrum, Jeda, Tor, Ben Chalatid, Boy Peacemaker ,Kid insane, GJR, Kutto including Hotwave 's DJ. such as P'Pek P' Sanukker P'John P'Jedai P'Por ..They are really cute and handsome. I also enjoyed this concert a lot..My heart is beating fast follow the beat 's song..It's very cool...expecially P'Tor ,He sang a sweet song called " Ruktur " It 's a new release of his album but I stiil like him..He is my idol. He have graduated from ABAC and He is a pianist who is the one of Asia..

Photo' s concert

P'Tor was playing piano. DJ.Hotwave
How cute ? == Green and P ' Sanukker